Annual Shutdown Information 2022

Between July 5th 2022 and 7th July 2022, there will be a disruption to the heating and hot water supply at your property. This is so that the annual service maintenance may take place to ensure the service we offer is working correctly.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are still experiencing a lack of supply after July 7th, please first try a reset of your meter. Instructions on how to do this may be found on the FAQs page on the website.

If you are still experiencing a lack of supply after July 7th and the reset, please call our customer service team for additional support on 0115 9556677. Alternatively, you may email us at

We thank you for your patience.

Consultation on CCTV

Nottingham City Council Enviroenergy (NCC Enviroenergy) use CCTV at the London Road site to ensure Public safety, the prevention and detection of crime  and for operational performance and management. The reasoning and details of the use of this CCTV is captured in the NCC Enviroenergy CCTV policy in place NCC Enviroenergy CCTV Policy Version 2


This CCTV has been in place for a number of years and there are currently no proposed changes to CCTV at London Road. If you however wish to raise your views/opinions regarding the use of CCTV at the London Road site please email with these views so they can be taken into account and if appropriate actioned upon. This consultation period will end 30/06/2022 so any responses after this period may not be taken into account.

Important Information Regarding Enviroenergy Ltd.

From the 01st December 2021, Enviroenergy Ltd will cease to trade as an independent company, but Enviroenergy the “brand” will continue to operate as a department within Nottingham City Council.


The good news is that there will be no change to your energy account, your payments or your energy supply.


You do not need to take any action and you will still receive the same level of service, but from Nottingham City Council instead of Enviroenergy Ltd.


Our telephone number and email address will remain the same.

Tel – 0115 9556677

Email –


All future letters and communications will be from Nottingham City Council.


If you wanted to discuss this further, please call us on 0115 9556677.


Thank you for being a valued customer of Enviroenergy Ltd and we look forward to continuing to provide services as part of the City Council.




Enviroenergy Ltd


Please see below frequently asked questions:


Q:        Who will be my supplier?

A:        Enviroenergy Ltd will no longer be your supplier. Your supplier will now be Nottingham City Council. Enviroenergy will now be a department within Nottingham City Council.


Q:        When will this happen?

A:        This will happen from the 01st December 2021.

Q:        How will I top up my prepayment meter?

A:       You can still continue to top up the way you do now, there is no change to the way you pay.


Q:        I pay by Direct Debit/Standing Order, how do I pay you now?

A:        Please follow the instructions in the letter previously sent to you. There are instructions on what you need to do, to ensure your payments continue to be made for your energy supply.


Q:        Is the telephone number changing?

A:        No, you can still contact us on 0115 9556677 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for general queries, outside of these hours you can call our emergency telephone number 0115 9556677 to report an emergency.


Q:        I prefer to email you, is the email address changing?

A:        No, the email address to send your enquiries to is still –


Q:       I send my reads in to you through the post, is the postal address changing?

A:       The address will be, Nottingham City Council, Enviroenergy Department, 12 London Road, Nottingham, NG2 3AB.


Q:        Do I have to do anything in my home?

A:        No, the process will not need you to do anything.



Q:        If I have any concerns, who shall I call?

A:        You can call us 0115 9556677 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Q:       Who will provide me my statement or bill?

A:       Nottingham City Council will send you your statement or bill from 01st December 2021 onwards.

Nottingham Properties Emergency Out of Hours Contact Info:

Contact Number: 0115 955 6677

Monday to Friday: 5:00 PM to 9:00 AM (Normal Office Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Saturday to Sunday: 24 Hours