District Energy

EnviroEnergy’s District Energy Network provides heat and power to homes and businesses across Nottingham. This often offers cost reductions and environmental advantages over other energy sources.

The network comprises of 68km of insulated pipework carrying pressurised hot water around Nottingham City Centre and St. Anns. Satisfying the heating and hot water requirements for 5,000 dwellings and over 100 commercial premises, including the Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres, the National Ice Arena, Nottingham Trent University, BioCity, HM Revenue and Customs, and The Royal Centre.

Heat energy comes from incineration of 170,000 tonnes of municipal waste at the Eastcroft Incinerator, which is used to create a supply of super heated high-pressure steam, pumped directly into our Heat Station. Back-up is provided by gas boilers, ensuring a reliable supply.

As a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, steam is also run through generating turbines producing 60,000MWh of electricity per annum. Electricity is supplied to commercial customers through a private wire network with excess power feeding into the National Grid.

Enviroenergy Helpline: 0115 955 6677

Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday

Email: customersupport@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Eastcroft Depot, London Road Heat Station, 12 London Road,

Nottingham, NG2 3AB