About EnviroEnergy

EnviroEnergy are one of the UK’s longest established district heating companies, set up in 1962 to turn Nottingham’s waste into energy and distribute it to the city.

The London Road Heat Station was built in 1953 by the Boots company for use as an industrial power station. It was originally housed three Babcock & Wilcox cross tube marine tube boilers fed by coal from three overhead concrete storage bunkers. Each of the bunkers could hold 250 tons of coal, delivered by bulk tipper from the former Gedling Colliery.

2.6 MW of power was generated from two English Electric turbo generators. These are still in use today as backup generators and provide additional power generation during peak demand. The plant was in use until the early 1970s when the site was purchased by Nottingham Corporation and leased to British Coal.

In 1968 the Nottingham Corporation chose incineration as their future method of refuse disposal following a feasibility study by Associated Heat Services. The report showed that waste heat from refuse could be used economically to heat proposed new residential and commercial redevelopments in Nottingham. The National Coal Board (NCB) were also seeking markets for coal-fired district heating at the time.

The corporation set up the incineration and district heating scheme as a joint venture with NCB. The scheme then had two sources of heat: the new Eastcroft Incineration plant; and the London Road Station. The new scheme of linking an energy-from-waste incinerator with district heating was the biggest of its kind in the UK costing, £5 million.

In 1995, with the demise of British Coal, the scheme transferred wholly to Nottingham City Council, and began trading as EnviroEnergy (Nottingham) Limited.

Today EnviroEnergy is a department within Nottingham City Council’s Environment & Sustainability division with 32 employees, mostly engineers, based at London Road, Nottingham. The scheme’s main source of fuel is the 160,000 tons of municipal refuse burnt annually at Nottingham’s Eastcroft incinerator. This currently provides us with 180,000 megawatts of high-pressure steam.

EnviroEnergy operates a 14.5 megawatt condensing turbine and 80km of piping. We supply heating and power to around 4,700 homes (85% on prepayment) and 100 businesses across Nottingham including the Victoria centre, the National Ice Centre Arena, Nottingham Trent University, BioCity, The Royal Centre and various other large local developments.

EnviroEnergy are recognised as experts on District Heating schemes being founder members of the UK District Energy Association. We were the first District Heating scheme to establish a prepayment system. We supply and advise schemes all over the UK. Furthermore, we offer a metering and billing service to our own customers in Nottingham, and as a service to local authorities and housing associations from The West Highlands to London.




ISO 14001:2015 – EnviroEnergy has successfully transitioned to ISO 14001:2015 with a compliance audit result of 100%. The new standard, which demands much more from organisation to gain certification, provides a comprehensive framework for a fully integrated Environmental Management System (EMS). EnviroEnergy’s EMS ensures consideration of the environment at every opportunity within the organisation, from purchasing through to the daily operation of the site. Our improved use of resource and increase in efficiency translates to an improved and more stable service to our customer.

Enviroenergy Helpline: 0115 955 6677

Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday

Email: customersupport@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Eastcroft Depot, London Road Heat Station, 12 London Road,

Nottingham, NG2 3AB